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Acquisition of Permanent Residency

Acquisition of permanent residence status (F-5)

(F-5) is a status of residence that guarantees a legal status equivalent to that of a citizen. If you are a permanent resident, you are guaranteed freedom of domestic employment and are exempted from the period of stay extension or re-entry permit.

Application Procedure

Submit application documents Screening (Interview, Written Report) criminal career inquiry Survey (if necessary) Deciding whether to grant permission

Application Documents

Common documents: application form, passport, alien registration card, identification certificate, fee, change fee for alien registration card, proof of property relationship (you can prove a certain amount of income such as proof of deposit balance of 30 million won or more of the applicant's or family member's family name, certified copy of real estate registration certificate, copy of charter contract, certificate of employment of the applicant or spouse)

A person who has been living in Korea for more than 2 years with an overseas Korean (F-4) and has one of the following requirements

- Those who have annual income more than twice the national income per capita (GNI) of the previous year: Notification of earned income withholding receipt or income amount
- Those who are 60 years old or older who receive a pension from overseas and whose annual pension is more than the gross national income per capita (GNI): Certificate of pension (copy) and pension deposit account
-A person who has the property tax payment result of the previous year or more, but does not have the property tax payment result, but possesses property of the person (or the family living together) Proof of balance etc.
- Certificate of employment, certificate of business registration, certificate of import and export performance (bill of lading or invoice), annual tax payment certificate
- A person who has invested US $ 500,000 or more in the Republic of Korea: Copy of business registration certificate or certified copy of registration certificate, Business premises and rental lease agreement certificate of other foreign-invested company certificate, etc.
- A person who has been nominated by a director of a Korean mission abroad as a representative of a Korean national organization (including those who have acted as a representative of a Korean national organization for the past three years) or a representative of a corporation corporation.

Those who hold a Visiting Employment (H-2) qualification and meet all of the following requirements

- A person who is employed in a local material manufacturing industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, or fishery except for the city of Seoul, who has worked for four years or more without changing his /
- A person who has the ability to maintain a living with his / her family and a family member living in the country with assets over 30 million won
- Those who have acquired the skills and qualifications set forth in Appendix 1 through a test conducted by the Korea Human Resources Development Service or whose annual income exceeds the per capita Gross National Income (GNI)
※ Technology and qualification qualification refers to the qualifications of technology and function fields set forth in Article 2, Paragraph 1 and Article 9, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the "National Technical Qualification Act" (see Appendix)
- Required Documents: A copy of business license, a certificate of employment, a receipt for income tax withheld for the past one year, a copy of the certificate of technical or functional qualification, and proof of asset possession (such as a rent or lease agreement or proof of deposit balance)

Foreign nationals of overseas Koreans who meet the requirements for entry into and departure from Korea and their legal status as nationals

- Applicants who have already applied for nationality: Applicants must submit their application for permission to change their status of residence.
- If you have not applied for your nationality: Application form, passport and a copy of your national identity card (original), alien registration card (proof of place of residence), proof of your ability to keep a living (proof of deposit balance of more than 20 million won A copy of real estate registration, a charter contract, and a certificate of employment (with a copy of the business registration certificate of the employer).

Exception of possession of permanent residence

- Exemption from the requirement to apply for a permit to extend the period of stay until the period of stay (no need to visit the immigration office for extension of stay)
- Exemption from the requirement to apply for a re-entry permit for overseas travel within one year (re-entry permit required for more than one year) - No employment restrictions and free economic activities in Korea
- Foreigners aged 19 or older who have passed three years after the immigration control law have the right to vote in accordance with the Public Official Election Law: Can not vote in the presidential election or in the parliamentary elections, but can vote in local elections

Good thing to have a permanent residence status

· You do not need to extend your stay.

·You do not need a re-entry permit if you intend to re-enter within one year of your departure date. However, if you re-enter Korea after one year, you must obtain permission.

· After three years from the date of permanent residence, you can participate in the municipal elections at the address.

· Marriage immigrants do not have to give up their nationality.

· Even if you divorce your Korean spouse, you will still be eligible for permanent residence.

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