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Naturalization procedure

Naturalization means that a foreigner acquires the nationality of the Republic of Korea and becomes a citizen of the Republic of Korea. You can get Korean citizenship by marrying a Korean. Foreigners can get an F-2-1 visa for one year after marriage with a Korean citizen. One year of residence may extend from a minimum of one year to a maximum of two years. In accordance with the nationality law revised in June 1998, you have to stay in Korea for two years after your marriage. If you pass the naturalization test after applying for naturalization in the Ministry of Justice, you can obtain Korean nationality. The handwriting test that takes place during naturalization will take 20 questions such as Korean language, history, customs and common sense. If you apply for naturalization one time, you will be given three opportunities for naturalization. If you lose all three times, you will not get naturalization permission. However, those who have completed the social integration program can naturalize only by interview without a written examination.

General Naturalization (5+ years) Requirements

-Should have resided in Korea for more than 5 years.
- Must be maturity by civil law of the Republic of Korea
- Should have good moral conduct
- Be able to maintain their livelihoods by relying on their own assets, abilities or livelihoods - be equipped with basic skills as a Korean citizen, such as understanding Korean language skills and Korean customs.

Necessary documents when applying for naturalization

(Application: Immigration Office Nationality)

- Application for Naturalization Permit (Download from the Immigration Bureau website "Receiving a petition")
- One color photograph (3.5cm × 4.5cm) - Copy of passport & original
- Certificate of home country criminal history
- One or more letters of recommendation (with a certificate of employment of the referrer, a letter of recommendation from the Immigration Bureau website)
※ The members of the National Assembly, the heads of local governments, members of parliament, members of the education committee and the superintendent, principal and assistant principal of elementary and junior high schools, judges, prosecutors and lawyers, professors, associate professors, full-time instructors , the head of the social integration program management organization designated by the doctor, the oriental medicine doctor, the pharmacist, the Chinese medicine historian, the minister of justice, etc., more than the general manager of grade 5 or higher, financial institution, broadcasting station, daily newspaper etc.
- Financial documents (documents proving that you or your family are capable of living independently)
※ Certificate of income amount not less than per capita GNI per annum notified by the Bank of Korea, certificate of financial assets (deposit, savings, securities, etc.) of 60 million won or more, certificate of real estate registration certificate with official price of 60 million won or more, Lease deposit etc. equivalent to the above
- One copy of the petition for identification of the applicant's parents, spouse, children, marriage or unmarried, adoption, etc. (Notarized in China by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China)
- An official document issued by the People's Republic of China calling for a Korean-Chinese if the naturalization applicant is a Korean-Chinese.
- If the naturalization applicant newly identifies the date of birth, a certificate issued by the embassy or consulate that calls it.
- Family Relations Notice (Notice to be sent to the Supreme Court, downloaded from the website of Hi-korea)

What to do after you get permission to naturalize

Even after receiving the notice of naturalization permit from the Ministry of Justice, all the rights can be exercised as a full Korean person only after the following procedure.

- Within one month of receipt of the Naturalization Permit Notice, register your family register: Hold the original copy of the Naturalization Permit Notice, make a copy, go to your local ward office, and submit a copy of the Naturalization Permit Notice.
※ Even if you are granted permission for naturalization, you must obtain permission to extend your stay until you return your alien registration card. - Abolition of foreign nationality that you had previously: After you have abandoned your foreign nationality at the Embassy, you must obtain a waiver certificate and submit it to the Immigration Office and obtain a certificate of renunciation of foreign nationality.
- Issuance of resident registration card: When resident registration card is submitted to the Resident Resident Center, the resident registration card will be issued two weeks after the resident registration card is issued (copy of the naturalization permission notice, family relationship certificate,
- Returning your alien registration card: Upon receipt of the resident registration card, you will be returned to the Immigration Office to return the alien registration card. (When you return it, you will receive a copy of the letter of naturalization permit, family relationship certificate, resident registration card and alien registration card)

Obligation to give foreign nationality to a nationality holder

A foreigner who acquires the nationality of the Republic of Korea and has a foreign nationality shall give up his foreign nationality within one year from the date of acquisition of the nationality of the Republic of Korea. Provided, however, that the person who falls under the following shall be a holder of a multiple nationality without giving up his foreign nationality if he pledges not to exercise his foreign nationality within one year from the date of acquisition of the Korean nationality. However, a person who fails to comply with the above provisions will lose his / her nationality at the end of the period.

- A married naturalized person who maintains a normal marital relationship
- Excellent talent and special achievement - Those who have been granted permission to recover their nationality after being adopted by a foreigner at a minor age
- Those who entered the country for the purpose of permanent residence after 65 years of age and were granted permission to recover their nationality
- Those who are unable to give up their foreign nationality due to foreign laws and institutions

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