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Stay & VISA

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Re-entry Permit

Applies to

If a registered foreigner (except for a regulator) leaves the Republic of Korea for more than one year within the period of his / her stay and intends to re-enter, he / she must obtain a multiple re-entry permit. (Apply at the headquarters Immigration Office)

※ Required Documents: Passport and Foreign Registration Card Application , Foreigners with Diplomacy(A-1), Official Business (A-2), or Conference/Agreements (A-3)status must supply documents or statements to prove their employment,Fee
※ Fee-Exemption :Fee-Exemption for international customary( Diplomatic passport or Official passport holders ,A regular passport holders must present with proof of document that you works for a government. ), Fee-Exemption for mutual reciprocity.(All Minors Under Age of 14 for Argentinean Citizen British citizen,Taiwanese citizen ), Fee-Exemption for the other status.( The spouse of Korean National(F-2-1), Overseas Study(D-2), Korean Language Study(D-4-4), Business Investors (D-8), Government sponsored scholarship recipient students. (Submit proof of documents)

If you do not need a re-entry permit

- If you are a registered foreigner and intend to re-enter within one year of your departure within the period of your stay (except for a banned immigrant or a visa issuer)
-Suriname, (D-7), Corporate Investments (D-8), and Trade Management (D-9) among Surinam, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, ) May not be required to obtain a re-entry permit within the period of stay.
- If you are a holder of a permanent residence (F-5) and want to re-enter within two years after departure within the scope of your qualification - F-4 (Overseas Koreans)

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