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Introduction to Jeollanam-do

A Beautiful, Clean Region and Abundant Breadbasket

South Jeolla Province is located in the southwestern corner of South Korea. Boasting a large rural area and a population of 1.9 million, the province is divided into five cities (Gwangyang, Mokpo, Naju, Suncheon, and Yeosu) and 17 counties (Boseong, Damyang, Gangjin, Gokseong, Goheung, Gurye, Haenam, Hampyeong, Hwasun, Jangheung, Jangseong, Jindo, Muan, Sinan, Wando, Yeongam, and Yeonggwang). This region remains one of the greenest provinces in South Korea and is the pioneer for organic and pesticide-free farming in the country. One can be amazed at the sight of numerous irrigated rice fields, marine and land-based national parks, the spectacular coastal views, as well as the fresh seafood served at restaurants. The province is also famous for its long history of patriotism and the strong political views of its people. People in this region commemorate their ancestors in praise of the victory of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, who won numerous battles against the Japanese navy during the Japanese invasions of Korea during the 1590s. They are also proud of Kim Dae-jung, the eighth president of South Korea, who is the sole Korean recipient of any Nobel Prize, which he received in 2000.

A Major Distribution, Tourism, and Future-Industry Center in Northeast Asia

Facing China across the sea to its west and seeing Japan to its east, South Jeolla Province is at the center of Northeast Asia, the starting point of the Eurasian Continent and the gateway to the Pacific. It also promotes the environmental industry and environment-friendly biotechnology in agriculture, seeking to establish itself as a hub of green industry to revive the local economy. Efforts are ongoing to foster marine tourism in Northeast Asia, a nature-friendly living environment, and to improve welfare standards. The province hosted the 2012 World Expo in Yeosu and the 2013 International Garden Expo in Suncheon Bay. Such events have demonstrated the success and power of South Jeolla Province to the world.

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