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Turning Namdo Tour

Website :
Telephone : 062-360-8502 (Information Desk)
Operation period: Every week Tuesday~Sunday
Reservation : Advance reservation through website or by phone
Departure Location: Gwangju bus terminal (U-square No.36)/Songjeong station (intercity bus stop)
Admission Fees: 9,900 won (For course going to the island includes entrance fee 17,900~25,000 Won)
 ※ Entrance fees, travel insurance and food expenses are each traveler’s responsibility.

Goheung Yeonhongdo Course

Sorokdo Island Nokdong Port Yeonhongdo Space Observatory

Hampyeong Sinan Course

Hampyeong Eco Park 5 Days Market (Lunch) Sinan Jeungdo Salt Museum, Halophyte Garden Mudskipper Bridge Treasure Island Observatory

Goheung Geogeumdo Cruise Ship Course

Goheung Geogeum Eco Forest Nokdong Port (Lunch) Geumjin Port Cruiser Tour (Geumdang 8 view)

Hwasun Boseong Course: Hwasun Boseong Course:

Hwasun Dolmen Site Unjusa Temple Boseong Local Market (Lunch) Daehan Dawon Tea Plantation Yoylpo Pine Grove Beach Asia Culture Center

Haenam Wando Course:

Wando Sinji Myeongsagaetkkil Food Specialized Street (Lunch) Hanam Land’s End Bund Land’s End Observatory Mihwangsa Temple

Gokseong Gurye Course

Seomjin River Train Village (Lunch) Seomjin River Chimsil Wetland Gurye Saseongam Hermitage Unjoru Pavilion

Boseong Suncheon Course

Boseong Daewonsa Temple ,Tibet Museum(optional) Suncheon Naganeupseong ,Ppurigipeunnamu Museum (optional,Lunch) Drama Set

Night View First Course (Suncheon,Boseong,Yeosu)

Suncheon Songgwangsa Temple Boseong Taebaek Mountain Range Literature Museum Yeosu Yi Sun-shin Square , Jinnamgwan Guesthouse (Dinner, optional) Yeosu Jasan Park (Marine Cable Car) , Odongdo Island (optional)

Night View Third Course (Yeongam, Jindo)

Yeongam Wolchulsan Gichanmoetkkil → Sangdeopo Port Historical Park/Pottery Museum Small Octopus Food Attraction Road(Dinner) → Jindo Tower Night View Mokpo Bridge Night View

Mokpo City Tour

Mokpo Bus Tour continues from Yudal Mountain including Mokpo port and old towns to Museum of Natural History.

Website :
Telephone : 061-270-8599 (Information Desk)
Operation period: The whole year, Tuesday~Sunday 9:30~15:40
Reservation : Advance reservation through website or by phone
Admission Fees: 5,000 won for adults and university student, 4,000 won for soldier, police officer, senior, people with special needs, 2,000 won for elementary,·middle, and·high school student
※ Entrance fees, travel insurance and food expenses are each traveler's responsibility .

Tour Course:

Mokpo Station (9:30) Yudal Mountain Modern History Museum 1st(Former Japanese Consulate) National Highway 1, 2 Memorial Modern History Museum 2nd (Former Oriental Development Company) Samhakdo Lunch(12:00 arrival, 12:40 departure) Gatbawi Rock Maritime walking Bridge Gatbawi Rock Cultural Center Seonam Area seafood Distribution Center Mokpo Station(15:40)

Yeosu City Tour

The best way to understand an unfamiliar city is to see it through its life. In that sense, Yeosu City Tour Bus is the best way to travel Yeosu. The relics and ruins that are everywhere in the city or on every other tourist spot, are enough to make Yeosu famous as the city of ancient times.

Website :
Telephone : 061-692-0900,0903 (Dongseo Tour Desk)
Operation period: Year-round
Reservation : Advance reservation through website or by phone
1F Bus: Adult 9,000 won, military personnel, the disabled and seniors 7,000 won, elementary, middle and high school students: 4,500 won
2F Bus(Day): Adult 5,000 won, military personnel, disabled and the elderly 4,000 won, elementary, middle and high school student 4,000 won infant 2,000 won
2F Bus(Night): Adult 10,000 won, military personnel, disabled and the elderly 7,000 won, elementary, middle and high school student 7,000 won, infant 5,000 won
 ※ If an online reservation is completed, spaces are available to be made with cash payments (no credit card or cash receipt options available)

Course 1

Yeosu Expo Station (10:00) Odongdo JinnamGwan Ocean and Fisheries Science Institute Hyangilam Yeosu Ocean and Fisheries Market Yeosu Expo Station(17:20)
※ Ocean and Fisheries Science Institute is closed every Monday.

Course 2

Yeosu Expo Station Hyangilam Yi-sun shin square Heungguk Temple Yi-sun shin bridge infobox Yeosu Seo market (embark/disembarkation point) Yeosu Ocean and Fisheries Market(Stop) Yeosu Expo station
※ Course 2 reservation is from Sun.~Fri.

Saturday Historical Course

Yeosu Expo station (09:30) Chungminsa JinnamGwan Gosodae YI-sun shin square Jeolla-jwasuyeong Turtleship(Geobukseon) Shipyard Aeyanwon History Museum·Priest Son Yangwon Reamaisn Park Heungguksa Yeosu Ocean and Fisheries Market Yeosu Expo station(17:20)
※ Reservation can only be made on Saturdays.

Night view course

Yeosu Expo station(19:00) Yeosu Industrial Complex Dolsan Bridge Street of Dolsan Pickled Kimchi YI Sun-shin square Odongdo night fountain Yeosu Expo station(22:00)
※Odongdo night fountain may be replaced with Simpong Marine Park

Doubledecker Bus Course (Weekday)

Yeosu Expo station (10:30) Aqua Planet Cablecar parking tower Odongdo MVL Hotel Hamel exhibition YI-sun shin square Passenger terminal Dolsan park entrance Yeosu Expo station(11:05)
※ Closed every month 1st and 3rd Monday.
※ Each day, visitors can access on-site payment when boarding (card/cash)and exit each station.

Doubledecker Bus Course (Nighttime)

Yeosu Expo station (19:30) Dolsan Park Entrance Gukdong Fish Basin Danji(Korean Set Menu with Crab Road) Yeulmaru Shipyard Soho Yacht Marina Yeosu City Hall Street of Yeosu culture Kyodong market (Pocha intersection) YI Sun-shin Square Yeosu Expo Station( 22:00)
※ Closed every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month.

Suncheon City Tour

Enjoy culture and the beauty of Suncheon with Suncheon City Tour bus!

Website :
Telephone : 061-742-5200
Telephone : 061-749-3107, 5504
Operation period : Year-round
Reservation: Transfer deposit after making reservation (Nonghyup 301-0180-4760-01 NewSamWoo)
※ Includes boarding fee and admission fee
※ Senior or disabled (Grade 1 to 3 with one guardian), and infant may only pay the boarding fee.(Adult 5,000 won, Youth and Military personnel 4,000 won Children 2,000 won)
※ ※ Meal is free, travelers insurance subject to individual responsibility.
※ The course can be modified depending on season or festival period.
※ City Tour is only available for individual tourists, not for groups.

① Seonamsa Temple Course

Operation Period: Wed, Fri, Sunday (Except for New Year, Chuseok and Lunar New year)
Fees: Adult 15,700won, Military (Except for commissioned office) 13,500won, Teenager 12,500won, Children 6,800 won

Palma Gym(9:40) Suncheon station (10:00) Seonamsa Wild Tea Experience Center Naganeupseong Folk village Suncheon Bay Suncheon wetland Suncheon Station(17:50) Palma Gym(18:00)

② Songwangsa Temple

Operation: Tues, Thur, Sat.(Except for New Year, Chuseok and Lunar New Year)
Fees: Ault 16,500won, Military (Except for commissioned office) 13,500 won, Teenager 12,500 won, Children 7,500 won

Palma Gym (9:40) Suncheon Station (10:00) Drama Filming Location Naganeupseong Folk village Ppuri Gipeun Museum Songsa Bulilam Suncheon Station (17:50) Arrived at Palma Gym(18:00)

City Tour Course

Operation: Tues.~Sunday (Except for New Year, Chuseok and Lunar New Year)
Fees: 3,000 won for adults, 2,000 won for youths and soldiers (excludes professional soldiers (officers, sergeants)), 1,000 won for youth

Suncheon station Street of Yeonhyang-dong Drama Filming Location Suncheon (Alumnus, Local Food) Suncheon Bay Wetland Suncheon (Local Food) Wutjang (Medical center) Street of Culture Bus Terminal Suncheon Station
※ Extra admission fee

Hwasun City Tour

Website :
Telephone : 061-379-3505, 379-3501 (Hwasun Culture and Tourism Department)
Operation Period: March~November
Jeokbyeok Tour: Every Wed, Sat, Sunday 9:30~12:10, 13:30~16:10
Throbbing for Hwasun: Every Sat. 9:10~18:05
Fees: Throbbing for Hwasun 20,000 won (admission and lunch included), Hwasun Jeokbyeok Tour 10,000 won
Reservation: Homepage or by phone

Jeokbyeok Tour

Hanium Cultural Sports Center Iseo Community Center Jeokbyeok Entrance The 1st Photozone (Geobukseon) The 2nd Photozone (dongbok lake, Jeokbyeok, Ongseong mountain) Mangyangjeong Iseo Community Center Hanium Cultural Sports Center

Throbbing for Hwasun Tour:

Gwangju Songjeong Station (KTX) Hanium Cultural Sports Center Unjusa Dogok Local Food Dolmen Site Literature hill of Sakgat Kim Hwasun Jeokbyeok Hanium Cultural Sports Center Gwangju Songjeong Station (KTX)

Cheongsando (Wando) City Tour

Website :
Operation Period: March 1 ~ October 31, three runs per day, Time 150 minutes
Reservation: Homepage or by phone (Can reserve on the day)
Fees: Adult 7,000 won, Elementary school students 5,000 won

Tour Course

Departure from Dochungri Dangri (Seopyeonje) Eupri (Dolmen) Beom rock Yangjiri (Gudeuljangnon) Sangseori (Doldamgil) Shinheungri (Grassy sandbank Beach) Jinsanri Jiri (Cheongson Beach) Cheongsando Port arrival
※ Tour courses can be modified every 10~20 minutes.
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