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The reference voltage for households in Korea is 220V. Sometimes 110V and 220V are available only in some older houses. When using electric products from abroad, you are advised to check the voltage. Korea imposes a cumulative tax that applies gradually higher prices to your electric charges as consumption increases in order to attract energy consumption savings and protect low-income groups. KEPCO (Korean Electric Power Corporation) is the main company of electrical services and takes inquiries related to charges, accidents and membership.


Homepage :

Telephone : 062-123

Water Supply

The water supply in Gwangju is managed and provided by the Gwangju Office of Water-works. Gwangju tap water is drinkable and has its own name, “Bityeoulsu (빛여울수).” Water bills are issued every other month and include waterworks and sewage fees. You can check the charging system and related information on the website of the Office of Waterworks.

Gwangju Office of Waterworks

Homepage :

Telephone : 062-121


Korea uses two kinds of gas, LNG (city gas) and LPG (gas company). LNG is mostly supplied in Gwangju city and mostly under-developed suburbs, use LPG, In the case that a house uses LPG, contact a gas company nearby and ask about the installation and purchases of gas. In order to use LNG, contact the local city gas company and sign up for this service. The technical personnel will visit your house on the start date of usage. Gas installation and removal should be done only by the professionals. Haeyang City Gas takes inquiries about monthly charges, application fees and/or a cancellation of automatic withdrawals or a transference application for reservations

Haeyang City Gas

Homepage :

Telephone : 1544-1115

How to Pay Utility Bills:

There are two ways to pay gas, water and electric bills.

Direct Payment System

Go to a bank and pay the bill in person. You can pay cash at a counter or through an ATM (enter the account number written on your utility bill, along with a specified bank) provided you have a bank account. Any post office can also take care of financial tasks related to gas, electric and water bills, so you are able to pay the bills through the post office.

Automatic Withdrawals (Bank Transfers)

You can save time and money in this way by having gas, electric and water bills automatically paid at specific dates. This method prevents you from forgetting to make a payment but obviously you must ensure there is enough money in your account every time. To use an automatic withdrawal, visit a bank, open an account and set up a payment date.
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