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Taxi is always available 24 hours a day. It is a a generally clean and fast kind of transportation.
You can catch a taxi on the street or you can call the taxi as well.
Most payment of taxi fares can be paid using credit cards.

General Taxi

Costs are dependent on time and distance traveled. The first 2 km of taxi ride is 2,800 won, and after every 145 meters or 35 seconds, an extra 100 won is charged.
From midnight to 4 a.m, the taxi fare is increased by 20%.

Call Taxi

Calling a taxi is a more convenient way to using a taxi.

- AndCall: 1688-3336

- World Call: 062-515-2000

Airport Taxi

This is the type of large taxi and taxi van that one can use to go to Gwangju Airport.

Model Taxi

It is a black taxi that has a yellow lamp on the top and “model taxi” is written on the side. Model taxi provides wider space and a higher quality of service. Costs are 3,200won on the first 2 km, and after that an extra 200 won is charged every 172 meters or 41 seconds. You can hail model taxi at hotels, Gwangju Airport, Gwangju Station, Bus Terminal and some main streets' taxi stops.

Gwangju Model Taxi

Taxi Van (Large Taxi): A six-seat van's costs the same as a model taxi, and it is much comfortable than a general taxi. It is suitable for customers who have lots of baggage.

- Telephone: 062-372-8555

114 Call Van

Kakao taxi: You can call taxi through applications from the app store of your smartphone and it will link to the taxi drivers.

- Homepage :

- Telephone : 1666-8203

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