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Communication service

High Speed Internet
To set up the Internet and cable TV, you must first make a phone call or visit your agency's agent and fax or e-mail your alien registration card or passport to the carrier. Usually, English service is not smooth, so it is good to accompany someone who can speak Korean. If you have a companion, you must also bring your ID card. Service fees vary depending on the program provided, and the longer you extend the term, such as a one-year commitment, a two-year commitment, or a three-year commitment.

Olleh KT
☎ : 100
Consultation time : Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00
Subscription installation fee : 22.000 / one time
Fee: 55,000 ~ 22,000 won / month (depending on internet type, contract term and bundle)

How to join
  1. Olleh shop( All menus Wired product Giga Internet Click to view all items on the Internet Select the desired service among the Internet
  2. Olleh customer center (including area code when you use cell phone with 100 number without area code)
  3. Visit Olleh Plaza and apply

SK Broadband
☎ : 106
Consultation time :Weekdays 09: 00 ~ 18: 00 Saturday 09: 00 ~ 13: 00 Excluding holidays
Subscription installation fee : 22,000 won / one time
Fee :55,000 to 38,500 per month (varies depending on the commitment period)

How to join
  1. SK Broadband Corporate Customer Center(☎ 1600-0108 (pay) / ☎ 080-8282-123 (Free) call ARS No.2 Subscription Consultation
  2. SK broadband homepage [Company registration application consultation] Consultation Counselor will contact you directly

LG U-plus
☎ : 101
Consultation time : Weekdays from 09:00 to 18:00
Subscription installation fee : 22,000 won / one time
Fee : 55,000 to 36,300 per month (depending on the commitment period)

How to join
  1. Homepage: U + Shop U + gigabyte internet
  2. Customer Center: Customer Center 101 ARS No.1

PC room
You can easily find a PC room anywhere in Gwangju. In addition to games, print and scan services are available. The PC room is non-smoking, and a smoking booth is installed. The fee for use varies from 500 won to 1500 won, and most PC rooms operate 24 hours a day.

Wi-Fi is easy to use at restaurants / coffee shops or public institutions. Most of the subway, bus and university campuses also offer free Wi-Fi. If you need Wi-Fi in that location, ask the person in charge for your ID and password.

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