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Postal Service

Post is usually divided into regular mail, regular express and post office delivery. Each post has a different standard or fees for each post. Domestic postal rates cost 300 won per post card and standard post can be sent up to 50 grams and up to 350 won. The cost of sending postcards overseas is 430, or 480 won in air mail. Aircraft packages, international special rates (EMS), and air flight fares vary depending on regions and countries, and how much the mail weighs. There are 28 post offices in Gwangju, you can use any nearby post office. ※ Domestic and international charge calculation services :

Post Office
Banking Service: Weekdays 09: 00-16: 30 1588-1900
Mail: Weekdays 09: 00 ~ 18: 00 1588-1300
※ The Postal Service handles all financial transactions, such as insurance, deposit, online remittance, utility bills, and ATMs, and offers specialized services such as postal money transfers and delivery services.
Domestic Post
Division Content Weight Postal Rates
Ordinary Post Product Standard post product Up to 5 grams 300won
Over 5 grams up to 25 grams 330won
Over 25 grams up to 50 grams 350won
Noncommunical Post Up to 50 grams 420won
50 g~1 kg Add 120 won for every 50 grams
1~2 kg Add 120 won for every 200 grams
2~6 kg Add 400 won for every 1 kg
※The domestic express is up to 30 kg. (Add 400 won for every 1 kg extra for over 6 kg)
※Up to 50 grams of postcards cost 350 won (25 grams of standard envelopes up to 25 grams)

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