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Korea Post Parcel Services

Homepage :
Service Center: 1588-1300

- Visiting Hours : Mon-Fri 09:00~18:00. The postman will visit the designated place for pick up to take the parcel (except weekends and public holiday) and will deliver the next day(D+1)
- Rates for weight and region
Weight (size) Up to 2 kg Up to 5 kg Up to 10 kg Up to 20 kg Up to 30 kg
Fee Same Region 4,000 won 5,000 won 6,500 won 8,000 won 9,500 won
Other Region 5,000 won 6,000 won 7,500 won 9,000 won 10,500 won
Jeju (D+1) 6,500 won 8,000 won 9,500 won 11,000 won 13,000 won
Jeju (D+2) 5,000 won 6,000 won 7,500 won 9,000 won 10,500 won

※ Sizes are determined by the sum of width, length and height, and when either weight or size is over the standards, the higher rate is applied.
※ The same region means the destination is within the same region as the delivery area,
based on 9 zones : Seoul/ Incheon/ Gyeonggi, Busan/ Ulsan/ Gyeongnam, Daejeon/ Chungnam, Chungbuk, Gwangju/ South Jeolla, Daegu/ Gyeongbuk, North Jeolla, Gangwon and Jeju.
※ In case of Jeju island, the parcel post received from Jeju area and sent to other areas is charged by Jeju area rates. Other regions apply to the same area, other regions, and Jeju area rates, respectively

General Parcel Delivery

A delivery man receives the parcel directly from a customer's house, office or other location and delivers it wherever the customer wants. Rates vary depending on distance, parcel kind and weight. It is called "prepayment (선불)" when a sender pays, and "Cash on Delivery (착불)" when a receiver pays.
Company Name Homepage Service Center
CJ Logistics 1588-1255
Logen 1588-9988
Hanjin 1588-0011
Kyung dong R&D 080-873-2178
KG Logis 1588-0123

Convenience Store Parcel Delivery

Convenience store sends and receives your parcel by courier whenever you visit and pay appropriate rates for the parcel delivery. Students and office workers normally prefer this method. International shipping is also possible at GS25 convenience stores and the CU convenient store equipped with a POSTBOX machine. You can check the location of the applicable convenience stores on this

KTX Parcel Delivery

This express delivery service sends articles in a quarter of a day. Taking advantage of the KTX ensures arrival time to be quite accurate and the parcel will be sent safely. If you want to use the KTX parcel service, visit the business office in the train station or use an affiliated Quick Service.  
Business office locations, business hours and fares are listed on the KTX Homepage ( or the information can be found by calling the KTX Customer Service Center ☎ 1544-7781.

Express Bus Parcel Delivery

This delivery service uses an express bus that sends registered parcels from Gwangju's main U-Square Gwangcheon Bus Terminal and sends messages or calls to receivers about the information of relevant express buses. If the receiver is late, the parcel will be delivered to the parcel service office at the bus terminal. Express bus parcel services only handle prepayment (선불) parcels.

Quick Service

This delivery service quickly sends small parcels by motorcycle or car in 24 hours. You should make reservations online or on the telephone, and pay the fare in cash or by bank account. If it is Cash on Delivery(착불), a delivery person might ask a receiver for the fare.
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