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Please visit the individual websites for these TV channels. Daily program schedules vary for each district in Gwangju. Most of these channels require a cable TV subscription.

GFN FM 98.7MHz

GFN broadcasts news and information about Gwangju and its surrounding areas in English, Chinese and Vietnamese. It relays information about national, entertainment, useful tips for foreigners as well as travel information. Information about places of interest can be found at "Gwangju Blog"(
Address : 17 Sajik Gil, Nam-gu, Gwangju
Telephone : 062-460-0987
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(61475) 광주광역시 동구 중앙로196번길 5 (금남로3가) 1-2층
Tel. 062-226-2732~4 (운영시간: 월~토 09:30-18:00, 점심시간: 13:00-14:00) Fax. 062-226-2731 E-mail. 이메일
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