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Village Lawyer System for Foreigners

It provides free legal advice by telephone, fax and e-mail to help foreigners use legal services more conveniently. Currently, 19 lawyers are registered as village lawyers for foreigners in Gwangju and South Jeolla Province, and foreigners living in Korea can use the lawyer regardless of their qualifications or illegal residency.Various legal issues, such as lease agreements and criminal damages, can be solved, and If you meet a lawyer face-to-face and ask for legal advice, you may consult him or her on a schedule.You can hire a lawyer with additional charge.

Opening hours : Mon-Fri 9:00 ~ 18:00
How to use
Call(1345) Select a language (20 languages) A legal advice reservation Schedule consultation with the local lawyer for the foreigners Support for interpretation with a 3-party call system 'Foreigner- Call center - Village lawyer' ‘

Other legal enquiries

Korea Legal Aid Corporation Gwangju chapter
Call : 062-224-7806, 132
Legal advice, litigation representatives and criminal defense by counsel or public defender, other legal assistance.

Gwangju Regional Employment and Labor Administration
Call : 062-975-6200
Delayed payment, illegal dismissal, unemployment benefits, and employment insurance

Korea Worker's Compensation & Welfare Service
Call : 1588-0075
Employment insurance, insurance litigation or work welfare service

Gwangju Local Bar Association
Call : 062-222-0430
Professional law service

Korean Bar Association
Call : 02-3476-6511,6515

Korea Family Legal Service Center
Call : 02-2697-0155

Korean Crime Victims Support Association
Call : 02-539-4990,   02-534-4901,   1577-1295

Gwangju International Center
Call : 062-226-2732 ~2734
Counseling for foreigners
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Tel. 062-226-2732~4 (운영시간: 월~토 09:30-18:00, 점심시간: 13:00-14:00) Fax. 062-226-2731 E-mail. 이메일
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