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International Service Centers

Service and Information Centers for Foreign Workers

Institution Phone Website Counseling Service Available
Ministry of Employment and Labor 1350 Unemployment Insurance, Unemployment Benefits, Overdue Wages and Severance Pay
Human Resources Development Service of Korea 1644-8000 Unfair Dismissal
Korea Support Center for Foreign Workers 1644-0644 EPS (Employment Permit System), Employment/Stay Support, Vocational Training
Emergency Support Center for Women 1366 Counselling services for crises involving family and women, such as domestic violence, sexual violence and/ or prostitution to protect women's rights, and emergency protection.
Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service 1588-0075 Handling of compensation for workers' injuries, diseases, disabilities or death, due to occupational reasons.
Gwangju International Center 062-226-2733 Provide living support and translation services for local and foreigners

Multicultural Support Organization

Organization Website Number
Seo-gu Multicultural Family Support Center 062-369-0003
Nam-gu Multicultural Family Support Center 062-351-5432
Buk-gu Multicultural Family Support Center 062-363-2963
Gwangsan-gu Multicultural Family Support Center 062-954-8004
Dong-gu Health Family Support Center 062-234-5790
Migrant women emergency services center 062-366-1366
Gwangju Support Center for Foreign Workers 062-946-1199
Center for Multi-cultural Korea 02-737-0467~8
Gwangju International Center 062-226-2732~4
Goryeo Village 고려인마을 062-961-1925

Website of Online Civil Service

Organization Website Service
Minwon 24 Civil Complaint and Information
Government Service 24 Integrated counter of public institution
Home Tax (National Tax Service) National taxes, year-end tax
Wetax Local Taxes
Worknet Jobs
HiKorea (Korea Immigration Service) Immigration
Neis (Infromation of Education and Administration) Education
Safe Oversea Travel Passport, Consular Operations
Food and Drugs Administration Food, Groceries,Medicine and Medical supplies
Onnara (Real Estate Information Portal) Real Estate
Supreme Court of Korea A Certified Copy of the Register

Support and Information Telephone Number for Foreign Workers

Complaint Contact Related Organization
Information Center for Foreigners 1345 Ministry of Justice, Korea Immigration Service
One Stop Civil Information Service 110 Anti-Corruption and Civil Right Commission
Civil Report Center 062-120 Gwangju Bitgoeul Call Center
Plumbing related report 121 Gwangju Metropolitan Waterworks
Electric related report 123 Korean Electric Corporation
Electric failure report 1588-7500 Korea Electrical Safety Corporation
Gas related report 1544-4500 Korea Gas Safety Corporation
Environmental related report 128 Ministry of Environment
Health and Welfare Call Center 129 Ministry of Health and Welfare
Legal Counseling 132 Korea Legal Aid Corporation
Violation of human rights counseling 1331 National Human Rights Commission of Korea
Finance and banking related counsel 1332 Financial Supervisory Service
Broadcasting and communication complaint 1335 (Fee applied) Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning
Personal Information Infringement Consultation 118 Korea Internet & Security Agency
Labor law and system counseling 1350 Ministry of Employment and Labor
Family violence, sexual violence, prostitution 1366 Emergency Call Center for Women
National pension counseling 1355 National Pension Service
Korea communication standards civil complaint 1377 Korea Communications Commission
Export Guide Center 1380 FTA Integrated Support Center
Resident Registration Confirmation 1382 Ministry of Safety Administration
Election question & report 1390 National Election Commission
Commission for Anti-Corruption 1398 Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission of Korea
Report of unsanitary food 1399 Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Police complaints counseling 182 National Police Agency
Electrical safety counseling 1588-7500 Korea Electrical Safety Corporation
Single parents counseling and supporting of childcare expenses 1644-6621 Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
Crime victim support call 1577-2584 Supreme Prosecutors ' Office
Finding and report for missing children 182, 02-777-0182 National Police Agency's Center for Missing Person, National Center for Missing Children

Multi-language Enabled Mobile Application

App name Operation Agency Service Operating System Website
Danuri apps Korean Institute for Healthy Families Information in their multi-cultural family magazine, Rainbow, Guidebook for Living in Korea, which provides information about the multi-cultural family centers in Korea and emergency numbers Android IOS <Danuri> Multicultural Family Support Web Portal
Immigration Magazine "Gong zone" Korea Immigration Service Publishes Public Zone, a magazine with "Gong Zone" contents on law and immigration for international residents Android IOS Korea Immigration Service
My Seoul Hanultari Seoul Special City Support for resettlement and ease of life in Korea; Multicultural information, administrative information, lifestyle information, childcare information, job information and a range of information. Android Seoul Special City
KBS World Radio KBS Up to date news with audio and video services Android IOS KBS world news
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