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There are various domestic and foreign small clubs and clubs. You can get more information from the Facebook pages below.

Gwangju Youth Network (광주청년네트워크)
Gwangju Youth Network (GYN) is a network of international students of Korean and foreign youths living in Gwangju. Korean and foreign youths interact with each other regardless of country, school, or language, sharing their knowledge and experiences. Members can participate in cultural talks, forums, programs and events offered by the Gwangju International Exchange Center.

Gwangju Running Club (광주달리기동호회)
With a group of people who love running, the members meet every weekend or Sunday and enjoy running together in various places in Gwangju. It mainly exchanges information such as meeting date and place on Facebook.

Gwangju Performance Project (광주공연기획)
Gwangju Performing Arts Planning (GPP) is a nonprofit amateur theater company that aims to create a creative and sustainable Gwangju arts community. They are always looking for people who are interested in performing activities such as actors, directors, and writers.

Gwangju Photography Club (광주사진동호회)
Gwangju Photography Club is a club that shares ideas and ideas while practicing photography skills. Go around the city or in the country and take pictures of precious moments. Anyone interested in photography can join.

Gwangju Yoga (광주요가모임)
It is a club for people who want to practice yoga. Yoga is derived from ancient India and is a movement popularizing modern people's mind and body.

Gwangju Inter Football Team (광주국제축구팀)
The Gwangju International Soccer Team is a football club organized by foreign residents of Gwangju. It was founded in 2002 and is Korea's oldest foreign football club.

The Uprising: Gwangju ROK-Ultimate Frisbee Team(광주원반던지기팀)
The throwing of the discs is easy and everyone can enjoy and participate in it. Gwangju's official discus team, The uprising, is an engaging gathering where people can interact with other discus groups and enjoy traveling and sports together.

Gwangju Cricket Club (광주 크리켓 클럽)
The Gwangju Cricket Club is recruiting people who are interested. On Sunday afternoon, they meet at Chosun University.

The Gwangju Bombers: Gwangju International Baseball Team(광주외국인야구팀)
In the early days, it was a group that played baseball at Chosun University irregularly on holidays or holidays, but now it is the only foreign baseball team in Gwangju and a team that aims to participate in Korean baseball league.

Jeolla Safety Alliance
We try to help foreigners enjoy safer life in the area by providing various information necessary for living such as risk factors and crime prevention to foreigners who live or travel in Gwangju / Jeolla province.

Global Families of Gwangju
Foreign families from various countries in Gwangju gather on anniversaries or holidays to provide informative and entertaining activities for their children and share culture and information not only in Korea but also around the world.

Gwangju·Jeonnam KOTESOL (광주·전남 대한영어교육학회)
To improve the speaking ability of foreign languages such as English by members and to plan and provide various programs such as academic conferences and seminars for self-development.

Gwangju Foreign Community Facebook Group

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Gwangju Performance Project:
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