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Gwangju Filipino English Teachers (GFET)
Gwangju Filipino English Teachers (GFET) A group of Filipino English teachers in Gwangju who meet once a month to share knowledge regarding teaching.

Gwangju Performance Project (광주공연기획)
The Gwangju Performance Project (GPP) is a non-profit theatre company, founded by an amateur team, and it intends to become a lasting fixture of the Gwangju artistic community. GPP is seeking people with different talents and abilities to be actors, directors, writers and tech. crew. Anyone is welcome to join.

Gwangju Yoga with Emily
This is a weekly class appropriate for all levels. Beginners and advanced practitioners alike are encouraged to join.

Gwangju International Soccer Team
The Gwangju International Soccer Team is a soccer club of international residents living in Gwangju who meet and play soccer every weekend. It was established in 2002 and is the oldest international soccer club in the city.

Gwangju Cricket Club
The Gwangju Cricket Club plays at Chonnam National University every week and includes players from many different countries.

Global Families of Gwangju
This group organizes and shares information about fun outdoor activities for international families who live in Gwangju, promoting activities like sports for kids, holiday parties and festivals. It stages an Easter Egg hunt in spring, and a Halloween Party in fall.

The Gwangju Bombers: Gwangju International Baseball Team
Starting as only a group of people gathering at Chosun University on holidays to play baseball, this exclusive Gwangju foreigner baseball team’s current goal is to join the local baseball league.

Gwangju Movie Club
Gwangju Movie Club welcomes you to join the legion of movie buffs & TV aficionados. Movie nights will be biweekly for the time being. There will be delicious finger foods or appetizers with drinks available at the venue. Then, after the movies we can discuss them at length.

Gwangju·Jeonnam KOTESOL (광주·전남 대한영어교육학회)
KOTESOL is an EFL teachers' organization that promotes professional development in English Language teaching in Korea. It is the regional chapter of Korea Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (Korea TESOL // KOTESOL) serving the Gwangju Metropolitan Area and South Jeolla Province.
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