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Traditional Markets

Traditional Markets

There are various traditional markets and golmok (alley) markets in Gwangju

Daein market

Daein Market holds a night market every Friday evening featuring performances and an arts and crafts market.
7-1 Jebong-ro 194beon-gil, Dong-gu
☎ 062-273-3001
Bus Stop: Daein Market

Malbau Market

Malbau Market is held on the 2nd, 4th, 7th and 9th of each month.
62 Dongmun-daero 85beon-gil, Buk-gu
☎ 062-262-4082
Bus Stop: Malbau Market

Namgwangju Market

Namgwangju market is renowned for its seafood because the freshest catch is brought directly from Boseong and Yeosu every morning. There is a night market every Friday and Saturday evening (from 18:30-23:30).
117 Yanglim-ro, Dong-gu
☎ 062-4911-7288
Bus stop: Namgwangju Market

Yangdong Market

Yangdong market has been voted the nation’s best traditional market. It first opened in 1975, and now it is the biggest in Gwangju. It is the city’s representative wholesale and retail market dealing with furniture, interior pieces and all other daily necessities.
238 Cheongbyeonjwa-ro, Seo-gu
☎ 062-366-0884
Bus Stop: Yangdong Market
Subway station: Yangdong market station

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