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Immigration & Social Integration Network You must sign up on the online site to access the following programs.

Immigration & Social Integration Network

It is a program to help immigrants living in Korea to have successful communication with Koreans by systematically learning the basic skills needed such as Korean language, economics, society, law, and others and helping to integrate easily into the community. These standardize various support policies for foreigners living in Korea on KIIP (Korea Immigration and Integration Program). Various incentives like those who have completed the courses are granted a visa issuance,or various stay-related permits, or are exempted from the written examination for citizenship, and so on are provided to give opportunities for voluntary and active participation.

Subject : Autonomous applications by all immigrants and Korean citizens based on their wishes
How to apply : online (NO visit accepted)
    ※ Immigration & Social Integration Network After sign-up,apply for participation in 'Application for Social Integration Program '
- Exemptions in changing of nationality's test and interview
- Reducing waiting period for citizenship examination
- Provide additional points (max. 28 points) when applying for the professional workforce based on the scoring system (F27).
- Exemptions from Korean proficiency when applying for General permanent residence status for long term foreigners (F51), permanent residence status (F52) for spouse of a Korean national (F6),Permanent Residence Status (F53) for minor foreign children of a Korean national (F22), Permanent Residence Status(512) for working visit holder (H2)
- Exemptions of Korean proficiency when applying for Residence status (F299) of Long term resident foreigner (D1,D5~D9,F1,F3,E1~E5,E7 and so on) – Residence status of Non-professional Employment (E9), Vessel Crew (E10), and Working Visit (H2) or Special Occupation status (E71) - Korean Food Cooking Training (D-4-5), The restaurant interpreter and sales clerk in Jeju Island (E-7-1), Those who has a bachelor's degree (two years or higher) or higher in Korea or abroad and scholarship students invited by Government (F-4-14) and so on. Register and participate in benefit education when requesting visa (VISA).
- Application for registration of the operating agencies designated by Ministry of Justice that want to receive training among the operating institutions of the resident regions of the participants in ’My Page’ of
- Participate in training according to the training schedule of the assigned operating institution based on the application.
- Training course and time
Level Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Course Korean language and culture Understanding Korean society
Korean 1
Korean 2
Intermediate Korean 1 Intermediate Korean 2 Basic Intensive
15 hours 100 hours 100 hours 100 hours 100 hours 50 hours 20 hours
Level Test - Level test 1 Level test 2 Level test 3 Midterm evaluation Comprehensive evaluation
for Permanent Residency
Comprehensive evaluation
for Naturalization
Reference - Applicants must first take the level 5 basic course (50 hours) in order to apply for the intensive course.

※ successful applicants of comprehensive evaluation for permanent residency
can participate in the intensive process immediately without taking basic course.

International Marriage Guidance Program

It is a happy home supporting program for foreigner who has a Korean spouse to better understand each other's cultures and environments by learning about local customs and visa procedures. Any Korean citizen who wishes to marry an foreigner of a country declared by the Ministry of Justice (China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Thailand) or anyone who wants to invite a foreign spouse while already have married can invite a foreign spouse only when they have completed the program as an obligation.

Persons subject to the exemption

- Where a Korean citizen has stayed in the foreign spouse's country or the third country for study or dispatch work for at least 45 consecutive days and has been in a relationship with him/her
- Where the foreign spouse had been registered as a foreigner in the Republic of Korea, stayed in the Republic of Korea legally for at least 91 days and has been in a relationship with the Korean citizen
- Where the spouse is pregnant, gave birth or has other reasons requiring humane consideration

Early Adaptation Program

This program provides basic laws, systems, and basic life information needed to adapt to Korean society for all long-term immigrants who enter Korea.

Immigration Call Center (☎02-2650-6399)

Visitors can receive guidance on all aspects of immigration and foreign policy (Visitors can receive guidance on all aspects of immigration and foreign policy, and consultations with counselors are available)
Language available: 7 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Mongolian and Russian.)
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