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Visa & Labor Rights

Status of Residence and Employment Activities

Foreigners are restricted in their employment activities and should stay within the scope of their status of residence.
For more information ☎ 1345 (HiKorea, Korea Immigration Service)

Status of Stay Qualifications Staying in Korea
Temporary Employment(C-4) Those seeking temporary employment such as short-term entertainment, advertisement, fashion model, lecture, research or technical training, etc Less than 90 days
Professor (E-1) A foreigner qualified by the "Higher education Act," seeking to give lectures or aid research in his/her field of expertise at above-college-level educational facilities. 5 years
Foreign Language Instructor (E-2) Those foreigners qualified by Minister of Justice seeking to teach spoken foreign language at: •Above-elementary school level educational/ research facility •Company/ broadcast station-owned linguistic facilities •Other similar organizations 2 years
Research (E-3) Those invited by public/ private institution in Korea to engage in research and development relating to natural science or advanced technology. 5 years
Technological Guidance (E-4) Those invited by Korean public/ private organization to offer special technology or expertise in natural science or high technology field •Those who offer special technology or expertise unavailable in Korea. 5 years
Special Profession (E-5) Those foreigners with international license for lawyer, CPA, physician, or other such profession recognized by Korean law who wish to practice their profession in their respective areas as permitted under Korean law. 5 years
Culture/Art (E-6) Those participating in musical, artistic, or literary activities such as pop entertainment, musical performances, sport games, advertisement or fashion modeling for profitable purposes. 2 years
Specially Designated Activities (E-7) Those participating in activities specially designated by the Minister of Justice through contract with public/private organization in Korea. 3 years
Working Holiday (H-1) Those tourists seeking short term employment in Korea for the purpose of paying for the expenses, whose nationality is that of those countries that have entered into a MOU or an official Agreement on Working Holiday with Korea. Until stay period of agreement
Working Visit (H-2) Multiple-entry visa that is valid for 5 years (period of sojourn-1 year)can be issued to overseas Korean who are over 25 years old from China or the former Soviet Union. Overseas Koreans that entered with Working Visit (H-2) visa are allowed to seek employment in businesses that was issued special recruitment permit, or was recommended by employment support center. This must be cone after completing employment education by ministry of labor and applying for employment, and those seeking to change workplace may do so after notifying the appropriate authorities of the fact. 3 years (Maximum 4 years 10 months)
Irregular Special Employment (E-9) Those prepared to work in Korean according to the foreigner worker law. Agreed Country (16countries) Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongol, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, East Timor, Laos. 3 years (Maximum 4 years 10 months)

Job for Staying Qualifications for Job depends on the following:

One must get the agreement activities of staying qualifications in order to get a job.
For more information ☎ 1345 (HiKorea, Korea Immigration Service)
- Staying Qualifications Application Document: Change Staying Qualifications Agreement form, Passport, ID, staying qualifications attached papers (staying qualifications can be different depending on existing staying qualifications), fee of 100,000 won

Status of Stay Qualifications
Overseas Study (D-2) Those seeking standard high level education (bachelor, master or doctor) or engagement in specific research at a college, university or graduate school set up under provisions of the 'Education Law' or at an educational facility set up under the provision of the related special law.
Visiting and staying with relatives ( F-1) Those who come to visit their relatives or stay with their family member. •Housekeepers working for diplomatic and consular personnel in Korea or foreign investor who has invested more than 500,000 US dollars. •Those residing with a Diplomacy (A-1), Official Mission (A-2) or Negotiation(A-3) status holder

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