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International and Foreign schools are the two most common, albeit, expensive, options for foreign students. There is a difference between foreign and international schools.
. Foreign schools are specifically for international students and limits enrollment of ethnic Koreans, while International schools are open to everyone who can afford to pay the tuition. Majority of these schools are based on either American or British curriculum. All foreign passports are accepted in the schools and among the expat students are Koreans with foreign passports or who lived abroad and meet certain requirements. Entrances in these schools are sometimes based on competence and are determined by an entrance examination.

Gwangju Foreign School

106(Oryongdong) Samso-ro, Bukgu, Gwangju
☎ 062-575-0900

Gwangju Foreign School was established in 1999 and offers a Kindergarten to 12th Grade US-based Curriculum.

Gwangju Chinese Primary School

27 (Gaerimdong) Dongaechun-ro, Donggu, Gwangju
☎ 062) 224-8886, 062) 225-8881

Gwangju Chinese School was first known as Gwangju Oversea Chinese School when it was established in 1949. It is currently offers kindergarten, elementary/intermediate/advanced classes.

◈ In addition, Gwangju Chinese School provides a school bus (except of Saturday) in the whole area of Gwangju until 3rd grade in elementary with an extra fees provided that students are registered in order.

Gwangju Chinese school

27(Gaerim) Dongaechun-ro, Dong gu, Gwangju
☎ 062-224-8886, ☎062-225,8881

Gwangju Chinese School is the only Chinese language institute in South Korea which specializes in Chinese language, academics and culture.

Gwangju Saenal School

29(Samdodong 823-1) Pyeongdong-ro, Gwangsangu, Gwangju (Prior) Samdonam elementary school
Bus stop: Daesan Bus stop (Use Naju bus)
☎ 062-943-8935, 062-943-8930(Administrative office)

Saenal School, an integrated alternative school was established for children of international marriage, foreign students, foreign workers and refugees and international residents in Korea to foster international cooperation, development of variety of language (native language) and international cooperation. In April 2015, multicultural alternative schools had 91 students enrolled from 12 various countries.

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(61475) 광주광역시 동구 중앙로196번길 5 (금남로3가) 1-2층
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